Meadow is the place where we have barbecues. And work. Anyways, read on to get an overview of everything that we do.

Audio production

We own 6 recording studios equipped with high-quality professional microphones and Pro Tools, state-of-the-art software for audio recording. Our sound engineers and sound designers hold degrees from world-renown schools of audio engineering, and have built their vast experience on projects for the biggest global entertainment industry giants such as Disney, Universal and Sony. We are a leading regional production house for film dubbing, and own recording studios in other countries in the region as well. If you have watched an animated film in the past dozen or so years, odds are it has been dubbed by us. As true masters of the audio trade, throughout the years we have formed a network of collaborators across the EU, so we stand ready to complete any project in any language. We have done sound design and sound processing on numerous film projects, as well as various commercial projects for the best creative agencies in the country. We also cooperate with the best regional composers and are able to produce original music for various formats, from short commercials to long feature films.

Video production

Our clients are creatives, just like us. We cooperate with a wide range of established local creative agencies and marketing departments of businesses of all sizes in creating video content for TV or the internet. Production, editing, post-production or animation – with us you can find everything you need to make your brand’s next commercial look impeccable. We also cooperate with virtually all local and regional directors, cinematographers, costume and set designers, so our producers can help you choose a team of professionals ideally suited for your project. Apart from high-end commercials, we also offer smaller-scale filming for channels such as YouTube, Facebook and TikTok or for clients’ internal needs. We cooperate with excellent videographers, and all post-production services are done in house, so smaller projects can be produced extremely quickly and cost-effectively.

Development of film and TV projects

Commercials are a great form of exercise for our true passion, which is the production of film and television content. You can find an overview of the projects we are currently developing under the Film & TV section of this website.