Feature film Death of the little match girl

After a number of years, newly divorced pathologist Fero returns during an overcast Autumn to the island of Rab, where he had spent most of childhood alongside his father, following his mother’s death. Fero comes for the funeral of his friend Globus’daughter, but soon – via his chief of police friend Mungos – he gets indrawn into the investigation into the death of a Romanian prostitute. While Fero and Mungos are trying to discover the killer among their island acquaintances, and the circle of suspects quickly broadens, a shadow of a big mistake from their youth looms over them ever more. Fero renews contact with Franka, his unrealized island love, who is now in a relationship with an older writer. Precisely because of ghosts from the past Fero is forced to take up the investigation by himself. The conclusion is shocking and unexpected, with Fero’s role not ending with the discovery of who did it…

Film is based on the novel by Zoran Ferić “Death of the little match girl”, which was published in several world languages, and won multiple prizes.  Script was written with great enthusiasm by Zoran Ferić and experienced director and screenwriter Goran Kulenović.

Film is set for distribution in September 2023.

In cinemas from 14.9.2023.

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