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About us

Livada was founded in 2005 and since then we recorded, mixed, edited and produced variety of things, as you can see in the list of finished projects. The studio is equipped with the latest digital audio and video technology to meet all your production requirements. For detailed information see the list of the equipment. To make a long story short, Livada can fulfill all your wishes in the area of video and audio production. Recently Livada became a member of the «Continental Film Group».

Services - Video production

In the area of video production we offer a wide range of services – from defining idea and writting scripts to shooting and postproduction (editing, commercial adaptation, video compositing/color correction, preparation of video for different formats, layback on tapes) of shows, music videos, animations, documetaries, commercials... We closely cooperate with a team of certified professionals consisting of actors, translators, music composers, writers, film directors and sound engineers, as well as experts specializing in literary composition, film, the arts and recording industry. That allowes us to choose appropriate crew with particular regard to each project.

Services - Audio production

In the area of audio production we offer services covering all aspects of the audio post production process from the simplest voice over to complete sound design and dubbing for motion pictures. We also offer in-house music authoring. The high quality level of Livada's projects ensured us big clients such as Walt Disney Company, Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Universal, BBC and Croatian National Television. Through great number of projects we managed to create one of the largest base of voices, as well as a network of collaborators from translators to directors and actors.

Smart Jog satelite system

SmartJog satelite system for safe and instant data transfer. If you want to receive large files from anywhere in the world, SmartJog is just the right thing. System is most frequently used by marketing agencies for transferring new commercials to clients. Find out more about SmartJog on As a member of SmartJog network, Livada can provide you SmartJog services.


We have worked with almost every Croatian actor. We are proud that we have collaborated with some of the actors that usually do not do voice dubbing.
Daria Knez
Enes Vejzović
Filip Šovagović
Goran Navojec
Igor Mešin
Ivica Zadro
Jadranka Đokić
Krešimir Mikić
Leon Lučev
Ljubomir Kerekeš
Nataša Janjić
Pero Kvrgić
Predrag Vušović
Tarik Filipović
Željko Konigsnecht

The music producer Nikša Bratoš is responsible for the most of the vocal sections in cartoons.

Directors we worked with:
Ivan Goran Vitez
Dora Ruždjak
Ivana Vlkov Wagner
Siniša Bajt
Tomislav Rukavina
Anja Maksić Japundžić
Aida Bukvić
Antonio Nuić
Pavlica Bajsić

Even some prominent TV persons dubbed their voices in our projects:
Božo Sušec
Duško Ćurlić
Ivica Blažičko
Mirko Fodor
Oliver Mlakar
Trpimir Vicković Vicko
Zoran Vakula


Some of our clients:
Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Universal, BBC, HRT, SDI media group, 20th Century Fox, Prime Time Productions, Family Home Entertainment, Continental film, Radio 101, Golden Marketing - Tehnička knjiga, Bruketa & Žinić, Proximity, EP 64, Plavi lotus, Renault Nissan, Mccann-Erickson, Digitel, PR komunikacije Hill & Knowlton, UNEX, Komakino, Studio Ritem, NET, Odeon produkcija, VPK, Provox, Zagreb film, Dubs ltd, 2AM, Propeler film



1. Feature dubbing
Chicken Little
Lady and the Tramp
Bambi 2
Little Mermaid
Meet the Robinsons
101 Dalmatians
Jungle Book 2
Bug's Life
Monsetrs Inc.

Sony Pictures:
Monster House
Open Season
Surfs Up

Easter Bunny

Garfield 2
Ice Age 2
Simpsons The Movie

Land Before Time XII
Corious George
Land Before Time XIII
Barbie: Faitytopia
Barbie: Magic of the Rainbow
Barbie: Diaries
Barbie: Magic of Pegasus
Barbie: Mariposa

Warner Brothers:
Happy Feet
Tom & Jerry
Scooby Doo: Pirates

Warner Indenpendent Picture / National Geographic Feature Films:
March of the Penguins

Prime Time Productions:

Family Home Entertainment:
Barbie: Faitytopia
Barbie: Magic of the Rainbow
Barbie: Diaries
Barbie: Magic of Pegasus
Barbie: Mariposa

2. Trailer dubbing :
Disney, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox

3. Series dubbing:
Scooby Doo
The Tale of Jack Frost
Adventures from the Bible
The advetures of Spot
Mickey & Friends
Little Mermaid
Emperor's New School
Postman Pat
4. Radio commercials:
Bruketa & Žinić
Continental film
EP 64
Golden marketing – Tehnička knjiga
Plavi lotus
Renault Nissan
PR komunikacijaHill & Knowlton


Production of the show «Vertigo/Vrtoglavica» for the Croatian National Television
Production of the music video – Insert
Commercial adaptation - Continental film, Golden Marketing-Tehnička knjiga
Reediting of the corporative video Ribiza2 dj competition - Radio 101
Preparation of video for DVD mastering - Continental film
Documentary «Hip hop priča iz Hrvatske/Hip Hop Story from Croatia»
Series «Nedjeljom ujutro subotom uveče/Sunday Mornings, Saturday Evenings»
Pilot episode «Hrvatski san/Croatian Dream»

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