Death of the little match girl - world premiere - Pula film festival

Why choose Livada

Livada produkcija (Meadow Productions) is a one-stop-shop for all types of audio-visual production services. Our creative and production service background stems from cooperating on numerous commercial projects, while our business experience has been accumulated through direct cooperation with some of the biggest global companies such as Disney and Sony. We are a regional leader in the area of film dubbing, a serious partner in all types of commercial projects, such as commercials and promotional videos, and an active participant in the Croatian film and content production landscape. In short, give us anything that has to do with audio and video production – and we’ll do it with ease and high-quality results. 

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What we can do for you

We can produce your TV, online or radio commercial. We can hire directors and actors, adapt a song or create an original one. We can dub a film or adapt any type of audio-visual content. We can color correct your video and carry out various post-production tasks, as well as create 2D or 3D animation. We can produce a film, a TV series or online content. We can help you find the best filming locations and gather the best expert team for your project. We can do a lot and we’ve described a good chunk of it on our website. Have a good browse and hopefully we’ll be able to meet soon about an interesting project.

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